An official journal of Society for Soybean Research and Development Directorate of Soybean Research (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), Indore 452001, M.P., India.

Contribution of Area and Productivity towards Growth of Soybean Production in Madhya Pradesh

Soybean Research, 4:54-62 (2006)


College of Agriculture (JNKVV), Indore 452 001, Madhya Pradesh

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Received: 10. 11. 2006



The study has been conducted in Madhya Pradesh, to analyze the variability, growth, trends, and contribution of area, yield and their interaction on production of soybean. All the major soybean growing districts of Madhya Pradesh were considered for the collection of secondary data related to area, production, and productivity from 1984-85 to 2003-2004. The entire period of the study was divided into two sub- periods i.e. period I (1984-85 to 1993-94) and period II (1994-95 to 2003-04) for getting clear-cut temporal shift in contribution of area and productivity towards growth of soybean production in Madhya Pradesh. It was observed from the study that Ujjain, Indore, Ratlam, and Dewas being the most important soybean producing districts contributing more than 24.2 percent of area and 26.0 percent of production of soybean in the state, with an average productivity of 1207 kg per ha. Six districts, namely Indore, Dhar, Shajapur, Sehore, Sagar and Betul fall under the category of low risk prone districts. The growth in area, production, and productivity was positive and significant in all the major districts except Betul during the study period, and growth was higher during period I as compared to period II.  The area, yield, as well as their interaction effect were also found positive in almost all districts of Madhya Pradesh. In the period II area effect was found to be negative in Betul district, while yield effect and interaction effect were found to be negative in Dhar, Ujjain and Sagar districts of Madhya Pradesh.

 1Research Associate and 3Chief Scientist, College of Agriculture, Indore, 2Senior Scientist, Agricultural Economics Research Centre (JNKVV), Jabalpur

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